PACO PEÑA's newest show Flamencura explores the elusive state at the core of the art of flamenco. Art in all its forms has the potential of creating alchemy between an interpreter and the audience, transporting them into a mysterious level of emotion; a red-hot status capable of making them abandon any concern about who or where they are and just immerse themselves in the experience they cannot describe. Artists will use all the ingredients available to them from their musical discipline: modal zones, razor-sharp rhythmic patterns, and spontaneity, which is vital for the music to 'live'. Flamenco performers never talk about it; nevertheless they are always in pursuit of the inspiration that will allow them to get there, reaching total involvement in the art and deep communion with the audience.
Paco Peña embodies both authenticity and innovation in flamenco. A legendary guitarist and composer, he has transformed perceptions of this archetypal Spanish art form. Born in the Andalucían city of Córdoba, Paco Peña began learning guitar from his brother at the age of six and made his first professional appearance at the age of 12. In the late 1960s he left Spain for London, where his recitals of flamenco music captured the public imagination. Venues for his solo performances have included the intimate Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club and the monumental Royal Albert Hall in London, New York's Carnegie Hall and the Concertgebouw, in Amsterdam. He has shared the stage with fellow guitarists, singers and instrumental groups, bridging diverse musical genres, including classical, jazz, blues, country and Latin American. In 1995, The New York Times declares: "Mr. Peña is a virtuoso, capable of dazzling an audience beyond the frets of mortal man. He combines rapid-fire flourishes with a colorist's sense of shading; this listener cannot recall hearing any guitarist with a more assured mastery of his instrument." It should come as no surprise that readers of America's GUITAR Magazine judged Paco Peña as best flamenco guitarist of the year for five consecutive years.


Paco Peña - guitar, leader
Francisco Arriaga - guitar
Rafael Montilla - guitar
Angel Muñoz - dancer
Yolanda Osuna Linares - dancer
Ignacio Lopez - percussion
Inmaculada Rivero - vocals
Bernardo Miranda Luna - vocals

$45 / $50 / $55

7:30 pm

Presented by:
The Town Hall