Farruquito (Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya), is the Greatest Flamenco Dancer of this new century (The New York Times). As the principal inheritor of the greatest Gypsy flamenco bloodline, Farruquito has made it his life’s mission to share the purest form of flamenco on stages all around the world while further broadening his influence by collaborating with the most paramount film directors, conductors and artists of our time.

With this new performance, Farruquito unveils his most personal side – staying true to the traditional roots, while also presenting the current state of Flamenco. He will revive the best moments from past performances while integrating new creations, always maintaining that special energy. With the presence of the Bailaoras (female Flamenco dancers), Farruquito will capture the pure Gypsy essence present in so many real-life moments with family, at weddings and other celebrations. This is something that cannot be learned in a studio, it is learned through life experiences. He will also show improvisation, the origin of Flamenco, without losing sight of the overall choreographic structure. Both of these elements are a part of Farruquito's learning process. He constantly pulls inspiration from the different periods of Flamenco that he has had the luck of witnessing in his life, along with the irreplaceable influence of Flamenco song and guitar. He will expose his process and role as both musician and dancer. This performance is an original creation of music, lyrics and choreography. Song, guitar, percussion – each musician plays a crucial role in this creation and is not mere accompaniment – every person who sings, plays an instrument or dances is the protagonist in this show. All of them unite, like the beautiful colored threads that come together to create the spectacular shawl of Flamenco.

Member pre-sale begins Sept 11th. Public on-sale Sept. 25th.


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