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The Town Hall Educational Outreach Programs
Bringing quality arts-in-education programs into NYC schools

The Town Hall has been an integral part of New York City’s cultural life since 1921 with music, dance and educational programs for people of all ages. We provide high-quality arts-in-education programs for New York City public schools through our Education Programs that support the social and academic development of students. Town Hall customizes each program to suit a school’s curriculum needs.

Town Hall Educational Outreach Programs serve over 8,000 students in the five boroughs through theater, stagecraft, dance, music and visual arts residencies. Town Hall educators, creative teaching artists and classroom teachers plan and coordinate residencies to strengthen the curriculum connections to the Common Core State Standards. Culminating performances showcase students skills to their families.

The Town Hall Educational Programs help schools build their arts education programs and advance student learning in the arts through curriculum-based, collaboratively planned arts residencies. This rich curriculum helps your school fulfill its ArtsCount requirements and encourages teachers to incorporate the arts into their instructional practice.

Town Hall offers residencies in music, theater, dance, fine arts and technical theatre. Teaching artists bring hands-on, interactive art workshops into New York City elementary, middle, and high school classroom. These activities introduce new skills that foster creative expression, self-awareness, and personal discipline.

The Town Hall Educational Outreach Programs
They deepen student learning and develop teacher practice.

This rich curriculum helps your school fulfill its ArtsCount requirements and encourages teachers to incorporate the arts into their instructional practice. 

Making Music
Town Hall teaching artists bring the joy of music to your students and tie this exciting program to your classroom curriculum. All students in the choral program work on the basics of rhythm, melody and harmony and how to be part of an ensemble. Students learn folk and pop songs from around the world with positive themes. They sing rounds, partner songs and harmonize parts.

Dances from Around the World
Explore your social studies curriculum through traditional dances from around the world. While learning these dances, students also discover the music, art, geography and history of these various cultures. Our teaching artists are professional dancers who teach tap, creative movement, Latin, African and Ballroom dancing. Professional dancers guide students as they learn intricate dances as well as following directions, practicing, and collaborating.

The Magic of Theatre
Using theatre games and acting techniques, participants discover new ways of creating, communicating and collaborating. Teaching artists base these activities on literary themes or social issues in the classroom. Theater exercises encourage students to take risks, build confidence and engage students in critical thinking skills.

Theatrical Performance
In a class-led production, students discover various work opportunities in the professional theatre. Depending on the production, students learn about performance and technical aspects of the theater. Skills include playwrighting, acting, set design and construction, costumes, lighting and sound design and stage management.

Fine Arts
The visual arts program offers a rich array of hands-on workshops where students create murals, collages, sculptures and paintings related to the classroom curricula. They discover the proper use of artists’ tools, materials, vocabulary and techniques.

Special Free Performances

In addition to subsidizing the cost of services, The Town Hall also provides partner schools with free events such as performances during our Black History Month Celebration as well as discounted and free tickets to special events throughout the year. 

Every February, 4,500 New York City public school students, in grades 3-8, attend the annual Black History Month Celebration free of charge . The performances feature prominent African and African American dancers, musicians, and poets, who educate the students in their artistic media, in African American history, and in African heritage. The artists provide teachers and students with study guides that prepare them for the performance and which support their social studies curricula.

Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. has supported the Black History Month Festival performances at The Town Hall for the past several years. Our partnership with Con Ed was recognized in June 2003 with the Arts & Business Council Encore Award, which recognizes a business and an arts organization that have successfully collaborated on a project that exemplifies the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and creativity.

Become a Partner School in The Town Hall Educational Outreach Program through a Special Grant Opportunity

The Town Hall is seeking Partner Schools interested in advancing their students' learning in the arts. We have raised funds to supplement the cost of our Educational Outreach Program to support the arts programs in a select number of NYC public schools. These schools then pay a reduced rate to bring art programs into their classrooms.

How to Book a Town Hall program:
The Town Hall Education staff and teaching artists work with your classroom teachers to tailor a program to fit the needs of your school.

Take advantage of this special opportunity. Contact us today to enhance your curriculum with quality arts training for your students and staff.

To book a Town Hall Teaching Artist and create a program for your students, please contact:

Peter Trump
Educational Arts Coordinator
212.997.1003 x 22 or email Peter Trump 

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Town Hall is proud to support the arts in public education by maintaining a reasonable hourly rate that is made possible by raising funds to supplement the cost of its services to public schools.

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