TED, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, and PBS are thrilled to announce the first ever TED TALKS LIVE in New York, a six-night speaker event featuring TED Talks, short films and performances at The Town Hall. TED TALKS LIVE will feature three programs, each hosted by best-selling author, comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston. Speakers will share ideas in quick, powerful talks—18 minutes or less, TED’s signature format.

The Education Revolution (November 1 & 2)
Why is teaching grit and character so important? What will schools and education look like in the future? The Education Revolution will examine some of the latest innovations and thinking in education with some of the brightest minds in the country. We’ll examine how we can control our ability to learn, the education gap, restorative justice for youth, the effects of hunger on kids, bullying, mentoring and just how we keep kids on track to build a better future. The evening will include TED Talks, short films, storytelling, music and performance.

War & Peace (November 3 & 4)
This program takes a deep dive into the lives of the men and women who have returned to the United States from war zones since 9/11, examining the lives of veterans who return from service and whose lives may never be the same again. What role does journalism and photojournalism play in war? How do veterans benefit from the latest technology and what is the role of women in war? Using TED Talks, short films, storytelling and music we’ll also meet the peacemakers, the advocates of human rights, the anti-violence campaigners who are working hard to create a better world.

Science & Wonder (November 5 & 6)
How do we make sense of the universe around us? How will science help us understand the future of our tiny planet and perhaps our journey to other planets? Through TED Talks, short films and some epic storytelling we will take you on a scientific journey and examine the riddles of the universe that keep leading scientists awake at night.

TED Talks Live is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting