Thursday, November 3, 2016 • 8:00pm


Bridget Everett has been called "the most exciting performer in New York City" on the cover of the Village Voice, and "raw and riotous" by The New York Times. Her film, theater and television credits include "Inside Amy Schumer," "Two Broke Girls," Sex And The City, "Trainwreck" , and “Girls”.  Everett has headlined the U.S. extensively and has taken comedy festivals by storm all over the world over including:  The Oddball Comedy Festival, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Montreal's Just For Laughs, HBO's Aspen United States Comedy Arts, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands,  Moontower Comedy Festival, Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme,  and The San Francisco Sketchfest. 
Most recently, Bridget’s live television special Special “Bridget Everett – Gynecological Wonder” premiered on Comedy Central in the U.S..  Bridget will also be appearing in the upcoming Netflix Series “Lady Dynamite” premiering later this year.

Friday, November 4, 2016 • 8:00pm


Fred Armisen is one of the most diversely talented performers working today with credits that run the gamut from acting, producing, and writing in both comedy and music. 
He is the co-creator, co-writer and co-star of IFC’s PORTLANDIA alongside Carrie Brownstein. He received an Emmy® nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” in 2014 and a nomination for “Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series” in 2012, 2013, and 2014. 

Armisen’s most recent venture is his new IFC comedy, DOCUMENTARY NOW!. The show is a curated series of half-hour documentaries and biopics, each about a completely fictitious subject. The show is returning for its second season later this year. Meyers is an executive producer for the series along with Armisen and Hader, who play all of the primary roles. 
An eleven season veteran of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Armisen has engaged audiences with memorable impressions and characters including world leaders like President Barack Obama or Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the popular digital short “Iran So Far Away” to “Weekend Update” fixtures like political comedian Nicholas Fehn or half of the songwriting team of Garth and Kat (with Kristen Wiig) to name a few. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016 • 8:00pm


T.J. Miller is one of the most sought after comedians in the comedy world, but not in the drama world, or the finance world. He was named one of Variety’s “Top 10 Comics to Watch,” and EW's “Next Big Things in Comedy”. Miller’s voice stars in Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated feature, BIG HERO 6. You may recognize his non-animated face and body from his role in 2014’s surprise indie hit TRANSFORMERS 4, and Mike Judge’s HBO comedy series SILICON VALLEY, for which he received the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Comedy. His podcast "Cashing in with T.J. Miller" on is listened to by 12 and ½ people, and he is a nationally touring standup artist, crisscrossing the country listening to Kris Kross (he's also done shows in the U.K. and Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico did not go well)).  He has been performing his absurdist observational standup act for over 10 years, and has never gone to the bathroom in his pants on stage.  His hour-long Comedy Central stand-up special T.J. MILLER: NO REAL REASON and hip-hop/pop/folk music album "The Extended Play E.P.", an E.P. with 41 tracks, and the ILLEGAL ART REMIXTAPE are all available now. He hosted Comedy Central’s MASH-UP, a mashup of standup, sketches and visualizations, and has appeared on CHELSEA LATELY more than most women his height. He got his start touring with Second City in Chicago and improvising with Annoyance Theater, iO, and managers at electronics stores asking why he was late and smelled like gin.

Miller has been in a number of major studio films including CLOVERFIELD, SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, OUR IDIOT BROTHER, YOGI BEAR 3D (Ranger Jones, his greatest role to date), UNSTOPPABLE, and GET HIM TO THE GREEK.  He has appeared on television in THE LEAGUE, CARPOOLERS, GOODWIN GAMES, HAPPY ENDINGS and other canceled programs.  Miller also talks like an old drag queen after a hard night of chain smoking, and thus voiced the character Tuffnut in the Oscar-nominated animated film HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2.  He voices Robbie from GRAVITY FALLS on Disney, Tuffnut in the Netflix HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON TV series, and GORBURGER, a very strange show you just have to google to understand.  He can also be seen in FOX’s big screen comic book adaptation of DEADPOOL, opposite Ryan Reynolds. He currently resides in Hollywood, California, where he struggles to find meaning in an uncertain world.   He is a comedian.

Created in 2004, the New York Comedy Festival is a five-day festival featuring more than 200 comedians performing in more than 60 shows at venues throughout the City. The festival is produced by Carolines on Broadway in association with Comedy Central. The festival runs from Tuesday, November 1 – Sunday, November 6 at more than 20 venues throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

THE TOWN HALL PRESENTS: <br><b>The Best of Fado</b> & <b>Flamenco</b><br>Mariza | Diego El Cigala | Tomatito

The Best of Fado & Flamenco
Mariza | Diego El Cigala | Tomatito




Headlining Concerts at The Town Hall this October

Portuguese fado singer MARIZA, flamenco/jazz singer DIEGO EL CIGALA and flamenco guitarist TOMATITO headline a unique series of shows at The Town Hall this October. Distinguished members of a generation of new masters, their music is a celebration of both tradition and renewal. These concerts, curated and presented by The Town Hall, mark the beginning of the 2016/2017 season in this landmark venue.




Songlines Magazine “Best Artist” Winner 2016

“Joy and sadness, yearning and hope, which draw equally from the traditional and the modern” - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

MARIZA, performing October 15, is the leading figure in fado, the melancholy soul music of Portugal. She has not only revitalized what once seemed a dimming tradition but did so while bringing it to new audiences, collaborating with artists such as Sting, Lenny Kravitz and Gilberto Gil. She will be presenting her new Nonesuch recording, Mundo (World) which includes classics honoring the late fado legend Amalia Rodrigues and iconic tango singer Carlos Gardel, but also new songs written for her by the Grammy-winning Spanish producer Javier Limón.

Mariza Debuts “Mundo” on  Saturday, October 15


Few artists have had the impact in their genre of choice that singer Mariza has had in fado. By the time the genre’s greatest star, singer Amalia Rodrigues, passed away in 1999, fado was indanger of becoming a cultural relic. Marisa dos Reis Nunes, better known as Mariza, is the leading figure of a young generation of artists that re-energized the genre. Her very first album, Fado em Mim (Fado in Me, 2001) became an unexpected national and international hit. “She has a magnetic stage presence, and can communicate joy, sadness and despair overcoming language barriers,” said musicologist Rui Vieira Nery. “Since Amalia, there has been no other singer who has forged such a career.” In fact, she has made it her mission to spread fado, collaborating with top artists, from pop to classical music. In her new Nonesuch CD, Mundo (World), the singer’sfirst release in five years, Mariza celebrates the soulful Portuguese tradition while opening it up to the world. 




Four-time Latin GRAMMY Winner

“A musical game-changer, the rare musician who single-handedly alters the direction of a genre” - NPR

DIEGO EL CIGALA, performing October 22, was already one of the most distinctive young voices of New Flamenco when, with Cuban pianist and arranger Bebo Valdés, he ventured into the classic popular Cuban music repertoire and Argentine tango in Lágrimas Negras (Black Tears), an album that became a global hit. Cigala will be presenting his Sony Music Latin CD debut, Indestructible, in which he explores the intersection of flamenco singing and classic 70s salsa.

Diego el Cigala Debuts Flamenco-Salsa “Indestructible” Project on Saturday, October 22


Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, better known as Diego El Cigala, (the nickname El Cigala, roughly “the prawn,” alluded to his thin frame), was an important young singer in Nuevo Flamenco when in 2003 he collaborated with the great, late Cuban pianist and arrranger Bebo Valdés in Lágrimas Negras, a recording that recast classic Cuban songs and Argentine tangos with a flamenco feel. The disc became an improbable global hitand since, Cigala´s career, while anchored in traditional flamenco, has been distinguished by his imagination and courage in exploring other musical traditions. Leading an eight piece band (for the first time including horns), Cigala will be presenting his new CD, titled Indestructible, set for release Oct. 28 on Sony Music Latin. In this new CD, recorded in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba and the U.S., the singer revisits the classic sound of 70s salsa, reinventing some of its hits with his soulful, inimitable flamenco touch.
 Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, better known as Diego El Cigala, (the nickname El Cigala, roughly “the prawn,” alluded to his thin frame), was an important young singer in Nuevo Flamenco when in 2003 he collaborated with the great, late Cuban pianist and arrranger Bebo Valdés in Lágrimas Negras, a recording that recast classic Cuban songs and Argentine tangos with a flamenco feel. The disc became an improbable global hitand since, Cigala´s career, while anchored in traditional flamenco, has been distinguished by his imagination and courage in exploring other musical traditions. Leading an eight piece band (for the first time including horns), Cigala will be presenting his new CD, titled Indestructible, set for release Oct. 28 on Sony Music Latin. In this new CD, recorded in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Cuba and the U.S., the singer revisits the classic sound of 70s salsa, reinventing some of its hits with his soulful, inimitable flamenco touch.



Five-time Latin GRAMMY Winner

“The most eminent guitarist in flamenco” - NEW YORK TIMES

TOMATITO, performing October 29, was born in a Gypsy family of notable flamenco guitarists and is one of the leading guitarists in contemporary flamenco. He will appear leading his sextet with guest flamenco dancer José Maya. To his impeccable credentials in the tradition — he was a long time accompanist of Camarón de la Isla, perhaps the most transcendent flamenco singer of the 20th century — Tomatito has added adventurous, open-minded explorations of jazz, classical music and Latin American genres.

Tomatito Expands Flamenco Guitar Traditions (with guest dancer José Maya) on Saturday, October 29


Flamenco guitarist and composer José Fernández Torres --Tomatito -- is one of those rare artists as comfortable in flamenco gatherings as in a jazz festival. A member of one of the great flamenco dynasties in his native Almeria, Spain, Tomatito (the nickname means “little tomato”) was just 12 when he was discovered playing in a local tablao by the great guitarist Paco de Lucía and José Monge Cruz, “Camarón de la Isla,” widely considered one of the greatest singers in flamenco history. In time, Tomatito would replace De Lucía as Camarón’s accompanist, remaining his musical partner for 18 years until the singer’s passing in 1992. Afterwards, Tomatito began a solo career in which he explored jazz (in collaborations with artists such as Dominican pianist Michel Camilo and guitarist George Benson), film music and pop (with vocalist Neneh Cherry), and Latin pop (Romeo Santos). His new recording with Camilo, titled Spain Forever, will be released in October. But for this show, Tomatito will be revisiting his flamenco roots in a program featuring his son, guitarist José del Tomate, and guest flamenco dancer José Maya.

"We start our season with new-generation giants,”  said M.A. Papper, Artistic Director of The Town Hall. “These aren't just the torchbearers, but the innovators of fado and flamenco. Seldom do audiences have the opportunity to see and hear artists who possess not only expertise and deep respect for their traditions but the talent and creativity to take them in new directions."

Best Fest Film Series

Best Fest Film Series

The Best Fest Film Series is a ten-part series featuring ten renowned international Film Festivals. 

Directors of festivals from around the globe visit and discuss cinema in their respective countries and cities, talk about the history of their festivals, and present an award-winning film. The film is followed by a discussion with the filmmakers, and question and answer session with the audience.  

The 2014 Series featured Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania),  Slamdance Film Festival (Utah, USA), Havana Film Festival New York (NYC, USA), Animation Block Party and Rooftop Films (NYC, USA), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), Morelia International Film Festival (Mexico), True/False Film Fest (Missouri, USA), Play-Doc Film Festival (Galicia, Spain),  First Time Film Festival (USA) and Busan International Film Festival (South Korea).

Best Fest welcomes guest artists, authors and public figures to the discussion. Topical films have produced riveting, and sometimes heated, debates. The excellent La Joula de Oro sparked a lively conversation about immigration and migrant representation in the arts that kept the audience glued to their seats for an hour and a half, after the movie. True/False Film Fest invited a band to open their evening, to recreate the musical atmosphere of their festival.

Best Fest Film Series provides a rare opportunity to see outstanding films, learn about arts and film culture the world over, and experience the best and most exciting film festivals worldwide.

Gotham Holiday Swing

Gotham Holiday Swing


The Newish Jewish Music Festival

The Newish Jewish Music Festival

The Newish Jewish Music Festival celebrates contemporary Jewish culture and music in a two concert series with additional programs and events at partnering venues. The music has roots in historic Jewish traditions with influences from the complex dynamics of contemporary Jewish sound and culture.

World Premiere: John Zorn's Masada Book Three: The Hook Beriah

An epic marathon concert featuring no less that 20 different bands and more than 50 musicians from wildly divergent backgrounds - jazz, rock, classical, world music, pop and more. The concert will feature Zorn, Marc Ribot, Uri Caine, Secret Chiefs 3, Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer, Tyshawn Sorey, John Medeski, Jon Madof and Zion 80, Klezmatics members Frank London and Matt Darriau, Abraxas, Cyro Baptista and Banquet of the Spirits, Many Arms, Sofia Rei, Eyvind Kang, Ikue Mori, Mark Feldman, Erik Friedlander, Jamie Saft, Cleric, Uri Gurvich and many more.


The Klezmatics present 'Havana Nagila'

featuring Arturo O'Farrill

Havana Nagila is a joyful celebration of New York's unique Latin and Jewish musical heritages. The New York based Klezmatics update historic Yiddish tunes for contemporary listeners, establishing a unique Grammy-winning style emulated worldwide. This spring, they will team up to craft an unforgettable evening with renowned Latin pianist and composer Arturo O'Farrill and Cuban sing Xiomara Laugart, an eclectic, multi-genre songstress best known for her work with Yerba Buena.



Produced in association with Claudia Norman, Leyendas celebrates the world’s great figures in Latin music through performances with living legends, tributes to the grand masters, never-before-seen collaborations, premieres of new works, and much much more.

Gilberto Gil

Grammy-winner Gilberto Gil returns to New York for the first time in five years, bringing his latest show Gilbertos Samba. The evening features reinterpretations of old classics recorded by João Gilberto and more, featured on Gilberto's latest album. New Yorkers will have the opportunity to enjoy the voice of Gilberto Gil, whose career blends with the history and culture of the Brazilian nation. Gil's illustrious career spans four decades with over 30 albums, multiple Grammy Awards, six gold records, four platinum singles, and more than five million records sold.

Alondra de la Parra Orchestra

November 1, 2014 featured a festive Day of the Dead concert in 2014 with Mexican-American conductor Alondra de la Parra and her Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas in a unique concert honoring late Mexican composers, as featured on the Orchestra's platinum albums Alma Mexicana and Travieso Carmesi. They were joined by pop sensation Natalia Lafourcade, and celebrated the 10 anniversary of their inception, when they also performed at Town Hall to great acclaim. 

Eva Ayllon & Albita

Cuban-America superstar Albita joins forces with legendary Afro-Peruvian Eva Ayollon in a never-before-seen collaboration by two of Latin America's most irresistible artists. Both women have spent decades electrifying audiences with their riveting interpretations of the upbeat and infectious folk music of their native countries.

Roots & Revelations

Roots & Revelations

Since its inception almost a century ago, The Town Hall has welcomed all forms of expression, art and discourse. It is a home of Roots & Revelations, historic performances and new ideas. In the spirit of Roots & Revelations, Town Hall presents debuts and new series, eclectic pairings and collaborations, groundbreaking and genre-expanding works, and tributes to and presentations of the pioneers in their field. The 2016 Roots & Revelations series will feature performers hailing from four different continents, fusing artistic and cultural heritage from around the globe in exciting (and occasionally counterintuitive) ways.

Paco Peña

Nov 20, 2015
Paco Pena embodies both authenticity and innovation in flamenco. As guitarist, composer, dramatist, producer and artistic mentor he has transformed perceptions of this archetypal Spanish art form. Paco's newest show - FLAMENCURA - explores that elusive state at the core of the art of flamenco. 

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Feb 19, 2016
For over 50 years, South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo has warmed the hearts of audiences worldwide with their uplifting vocal harmonies, signature dance moves and charming onstage banter.

From Moses to Mostel

Feb 27, 2016
A chronological history of the Jews, according to musical theater songs. Featuring a host of special guests, including The Klezmatics and many more. Musical direction by renowned trumpeter and bandleader Frank London.

Jackson Browne & Raúl Rodríguez: Song y Son

Mar 2, 2016 & Mar 3, 2016

Jackson Browne and Raúl Rodriguez meet in "Song y Son", a project that embarks on an exciting exchange, a crossing of American sounds and Spanish rhythms. Supported by years of friendship and collaboration, their meeting gives us a new music born on the border of two traditions. 


The Chieftains

Mar 12, 2016
Six-time Grammy winners, The Chieftains are internationally celebrated for their unique and exhilarating renditions of traditional Irish music. They recently marked their 50th anniversary and have been named Ireland’s official Musical Ambassadors in recognition of their worldwide reach.

Fanfare Ciocārlia with Eugene Hütz

Apr 22, 2016
Fanfare Ciocārlia bring their relentless energy and ingenuity to Town Hall for an exclusive collaboration with Eugene Hütz, frontman for the wild and wildly popular gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello.

Sangam: Charles Lloyd, Zakir Hussain, Charles Harland

June 11, 2016
Charles Lloyd's Sangam, with Grammy-winner Zakir Hussain and Eric Harland, is an exciting journey through the musical influences of Lloyd's life.


Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer
Abbey Lincoln, Geri Allen, Cassandra Wilson and Steve Coleman
Angélique Kidjo
Startalk, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Art Ensemble of Chicago
Lila Downs
Generations of Gypsy Flamenco, featuring Concha Vargas, Pepe Torres, Gema Moneo and Esperanza Fernandez
The Beats: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Ray Manzarek, Michael McClure, David Amram, Gregory Corso
The Chieftains
Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble
Lester Bowie’s Brooklyn Fantasy
Lea Salonga
Steve Reich
The Lounge Lizards
Oleta Adams
Cameron Carpenter
Dr. John
Tito Puente and Chico O'Farrill
The Max Roach/Cecil Taylor 10-Year Reunion


A Prairie Home Companion • April 2, 9 & 16 • SOLD OUT

A Prairie Home Companion • April 2, 9 & 16 • SOLD OUT


GARRISON KEILLOR, along with the Royal Academy of Radio Actors' Tim Russell, the man of a thousand voices, Sue Scott and sound effects wizard Fred Newman bring to life show favorites Guy Noir, Private Eye and the Cowboys Dusty and Lefty. Pianist/Music Director Richard Dworsky leads the talented musical guests each week, and of course Garrison will be delivering the latest News from Lake Wobegon.