Five-time Latin GRAMMY Winner

“The most eminent guitarist in flamenco” - The New York Times

Tomatito, performing October 29, was born in a Gypsy family of notable flamenco guitarists and is one of the leading guitarists in contemporary flamenco. He will appear leading his sextet with guest flamenco dancer José Maya. To his impeccable credentials in the tradition — he was a long time accompanist of Camarón de la Isla, perhaps the most transcendent flamenco singer of the 20th century — Tomatito has added adventurous, open-minded explorations of jazz, classical music and Latin American genres.

He will be accompanied by the following artists:

José del Tomate (second guitar); Israel Suarez “Piraña” (percussion); David Maldonado y
Kiki Cortiñas (vocals and clapping); José Maya (Dancer)

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