The Chieftains are highly recognized for reinventing traditional Irish music on a contemporary and International scale. The Chieftains were formed in Ireland in 1962 by Paddy Moloney, the top traditional folk musician in Ireland and around the world. Their ability to transcend musical boundaries and blend tradition with modern music has notably hailed them as one of the most renowned and revered musical groups to this day. 

After more than fifty seven years of making some of the most beautiful music in the world, The Chieftains' music remains as fresh and relevant as when they first began. And now they will bring their music once again on tour to the US in 2020 called, "The Irish Goodbye." What is an Irish Goodbye you may ask? Some say an Irish Goodbye is sneaking out of a party without telling anyone. 

But others disagree. They say that an Irish person can't be the last one to leave the party without hours of long conversations, a few sing-alongs and elaborate keening farewells. So you may have to guess which definition fits this tour. Are they leaving us or are the staying around for a few more songs? Paddy Maloney says, "Our US fans continue to give us the warmest of welcomes, so it's going to be a huge pleasure to play once again for all our friends."

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