Concert, chantfest, group meditation in music, yoga class in melody . . . a performance by Snatam Kaur and her band is all these things and more. Seated center stage, playing an Indian harmonium, Snatam is an angelic presence, dressed in traditional Sikh attire: pristine white dress, turban and veil. She’s a diminutive woman, barely five feet tall, but possessed of a voice that would wrest tears from a stone gargoyle—crystalline and radiant, redolent of the simple yet powerful truth of the heart. 

Snatam’s Original Light Tour will bring her joyous, uplifting music to audiences everywhere as she performs both new compositions and much-beloved songs from her rich catalog of classic world devotional CDs. Take advantage of the early-bird special ticket pricing now available and share an evening with one of the world’s foremost devotional singers. Timeless Snatam Kaur recordings such as Prem, Grace, Anand, Liberation’s Door and Light of the Naam, have brought inspiration and a deep sense of peace to listeners worldwide with their captivating blend of traditional sacred mantras and expansive musical settings blending Eastern and Western influences. But the best way to experience the music, warmth and wisdom of Snatam Kaur is live in concert. 

“The concert is an occasion for people to become awakened to the power of mantra,” she says; “to fall in love with mantras and experience them in the purest form that we can present. With these concerts I hope to connect with people so that they get a sense of light and love. That is so important these days, with the political climate and environmental challenges we face. I know for myself that chanting together in these settings is super healing and super powerful for relieving stress, tension and that feeling of being overwhelmed that I think is pretty common for all of us in this day and age. It’s a way for people to come and find that sense of peace again.”

The Original Light Tour takes its name from Snatam’s recently-published book Original Light: The Morning Practice of Kundalini Yoga. An eminently readable guide to the Aquarian sadhana—which combines chanting, yoga and meditation as taught by renowned spiritual master Yogi Bhajan—the book is also packed with anecdotes from Snatam’s own spiritual journey. In concert, she’ll be sharing stories and wisdom from the book. 

An enraptured audience member at one of Snatam’s concerts planted the seed for the book when she asked Snatam, “How I can experience this incredible bliss every day?” Original Light is Snatam’s reply. 

“We can all be elevated,” she says. “Even if you don’t have a yoga center or a community where you can practice. Even if you’re by yourself, there’s a way for you to tap into this light every day. This practice works for me and has guided my whole musical career.”

The purity and beauty of Snatam Kaur’s voice arise not only from her abundant musical talent. They are also an audible reflection of a life of steadfast spiritual devotion and tireless service to humanity—which includes everything from feeding impoverished members of her southern New Hampshire community to aiding earthquake victims in Nepal and Syrian refugees in Greece in Snatam’s role as board member of the Sat Nam Foundation. All of this compassion-in-action is palpably present in the room when she sings.

The intimate experience of a Snatam Kaur concert is perhaps the most direct way to bask in the glory of her music. See the concert schedule below to discover when the Original Light Tour will be shining in your area. 

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