Oops, is there a great big gaping hole in your holiday plans this December?  Have no fear, for help is here!  For the first time in 10 years there will be a P.D.Q. Bach concert in New York in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  December 28, to be precise, in good ol’ Town Hall, where the whole thing began 50 years ago.

The program we’re planning features five iconic works:
Peruckenstuck from the Civilian Barber
Swing Sweet, Low Chariot
New Horizons in Music Appreciation
 (a.k.a. Beethoven sportscast)
Uptown Hoedown
excerpts from Oedipus Tex

On hand to try to salvage these pieces will be your cultural guide Professor Peter Schickele, off-coloratura soprano Michèle Eaton, tenor profundo Brian Dougherty, and color man Elliott Forrest, aided and abetted by The New York Pick-Up Ensemble, under the none-too-steady baton of semi-conductorJorge Mester.

Featured Artists:
Professor Peter Schickele, enabler
Jorge Mester, semi-conductor
Michèle Eaton, off-coloratura soprano
Brian Dougherty, tenor profundo
Elliott Forrest, color man
William Walters, manager of the stage
The New York Pick-Up Ensemble

$40 - $75


Presented by:
Nitso Productions