The Office of Nightlife, at the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, serves as a central point of contact between City agencies, nightlife business owners, residents, employees, patrons, and artists, promoting a safe and vibrant nightlife scene beneficial to all New Yorkers. Nightlife is vital to New York’s economy as well as its identity. The industry supports close to 300,000 jobs and generates billions of dollars in economic activity. New York’s nightlife has also long been an important incubator of cultural movements and continues to provide spaces for creativity, social cohesion, and personal expression.

The Office of Nightlife welcomes all New Yorkers to raise issues, voice concerns, and share ideas on topics such as quality of life, public safety, regulations, enforcement, and the role nightlife plays in fostering creativity and social cohesion.

These public hearings will be held in mostly historic, mission-driven, or community-oriented theaters and will help to inform the Office of Nightlife's initiatives and recommendations to the Mayor.

Please RSVP here to attend the Office of Nightlife's listening tour. Each listening session is open to everyone from all boroughs, and all New Yorkers are welcome to attend whenever the date and location is most convenient.


In July 2018, Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Johnson, and Council Member Espinal announced the appointment of the 14 members of the City's first-ever Nightlife Advisory Board. The all-volunteer board will issue formal recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on ways to improve regulations and policies that impact nightlife stakeholders. This includes addressing the regulatory structure of the nightlife industry, common issues related to nightlife establishments, public safety concerns related to nightlife zoning, enforcement, nightlife workforce conditions, and the integration of nightlife into the city's various neighborhoods. All members will serve two year terms.


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The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment