Miguel Poveda is among the most popular and innovative flamenco singers in the world. This special concert is part of the city-wide Flamenco Festival.

Considered a genius in his native Spain, superstar Miguel Poveda's nuanced and soulful voice has no equal in the world of flamenco.He possesses a strong technique and a charming presence on stage that he exploits to make each of his concerts a unique musical event, singing like no-one you will have heard before (Graham Watts).

Poveda takes the audience on a tour of the traditional musical forms of flamenco,from the more cheerful malagueñas and alegrías to the more sorrowful seguirillas and soleás,all the while sharing his personal connection to the music with a spontaneity that ensures a completely excepcional performance. He will be accompanied on stage by four great artists: Jesús Guerrero at the guitar, ‘El Londro’ at voice and palmas, Paquito Gonzalez at percussion, as well as Gypsy dancer Antonio Molina "El Choro”

Town Hall Member Presale starts Tue, Sep 17 at 12pm. On Sale Tue, Oct 1 at 12pm.

Tickets start at $50


Presented by:
The Town Hall