For the past 35 years, Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York (THAAGNY) has been focusing on providing the services to all the Tsinghua and other related mainland China colleges alumni in Greater New York area by producing hundreds of social, cultural and nostalgic events. In the year of our 35th anniversary, THAAGNY along with other alumni associations are pleased to present this alumni association and Chinese community gathering event featuring the famous Chinese folk campus singer Lao Lang and his band.

As one of the mainland Chinese culture highlights, his unique form of music “campus folk music” reproduces our school days, age of youth, and love stories in the college and high school. His music has greatly influenced the majority of our alumni who attended the college from the late 80s to the early 2000s. This would be an exceptional opportunity for our community to get together and travel back to the good old days through our memorable campus folk music.

Tickets on sale now!

$28 / $58 / $88 / $188 / $128 / $168 / $228 / $268


Presented by:
Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York