The Klezmatics celebrate their 30th anniversary! 30 years of transforming the Yiddish and klezmer world. 30 years of Yiddish music as a voice for social justice, change, the underdogs and oppressed. 30 years of “heretical” behavior, of questioning, of going against accepted beliefs and dissenting from established dogma. 

World-renowned superstars whose music is “as deeply compassionate as it is invigorating, as accessible as it is virtuosic” (Time Out New York), The Klezmatics erupted out of New York’s East Village in 1986 and revitalized klezmer for the new century.  They have raised the bar for Eastern European Jewish music, made aesthetically, politically and musically interesting recordings, inspired future generations, created a large body of work that is enduring, and helped to change the face of contemporary Yiddish culture.  They will celebrate the release of their new album, Apikorsim – Heretic. This is the sound of the band itself, the sound that electrifies audiences around the world.

“The Klezmatics aren’t just the best band in the klezmer vanguard; on a good night, they can rank among the greatest bands on the planet.”

– Time Out New York

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