Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ketama’s scheduled appearance at the Town Hall on June 7th , 2019 has been canceled.  Refunds will be provided at points of purchase.

Ketama is a Spanish group of Flamenco Fusión and one of the most outstanding representatives of the so-called New Flamenco.

Heirs of flamenco "monsters" like Manuel Soto 'Sordera' or Juan Carmona 'Habichuela' the Ketama were formed between Spain, Europe and America and not only with flamenco artists.

His greatest reach has been pairing hot rhythms between salsa and flamenco, or illustrate with jazz harmonies in his metal blocks, wrapping everything with contemporary lyrics from the cante Gitano, thus helping to introduce flamenco to a completely new audience of young people listeners and taking Flamenco to a new dimension.

KeTaMa Comeback to America. #WeAreNotCrazy

If someone can come back, it is Ketama, because they never left. The music of Spain would be written in another way but for the irruption of a band in the early 80's that changed the way of approaching flamenco. In their new tour "We Are Not Crazy", they will review the themes of their mythical "De Aki A Ketama" returning to America the next month of June.

In an era of openness and change, in which rock and pop were updated to recover lost time, Antonio, Juan and Josemi Carmona breathed new air into the tradition and opened it to the public.

When De Akí a Ketama was published, in 1995, the group had been running for more than ten years, but it had not yet reached its ceiling. This disc recorded live with the collaborations of great artists such as Antonio Vega or Antonio Flores, definitely enshrined them in the national music scene with more than 600,000 copies sold. Among the songs in his repertoire, one stood out especially to become a hymn: “We are not crazy” (kalikeño), the spearhead of a group that was in full boiling, discovering edges to their songs and conquering the hearts of new listeners. Ketama at its best.

More than 14 years later, the Carmona return because, as the song says, they know what they want. An awaited return to the stages that is accompanied by the release of the reissue of “De Akí a Ketama”, his masterpiece mastered in the prestigious Abbey Road studios for the occasion. The new album includes, in addition to the classics of his repertoire, four new songs, recorded at the Arcadia studios of Pablo Cebrián, in which the band has the luxury collaborations of Pablo Alborán and Jorge Drexler.

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