On Friday, November 3rd, 2017, famed guitarist John McLaughlin will be making his final tour appearance in New York City at The Town Hall. McLaughlin and his band, the 4th Dimension, will be showcasing the music he wrote for the legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra 4 decades ago. Guitarist Jimmy Herring who is known for his inspired contributions to Widespread Panic, The Dead, Phil Lesh, The Allman Brothers and Aquarium Rescue Unit, will open the special evening. The two bands will join together to close the show with a Mahavishnu jam session. 
New York City was a major force in John McLaughlin’s career and was the true birthplace of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. A few years later, it was also in New York that he met maestro tabla player Zakir Hussain which eventually led to the formation of the truly revolutionary band, Shakti. Due to McLaughlin’s deep connection to the city, do not be surprised to see many of his friends and collaborators at the show.

John says:
“By the time I was 15, New York was the center of the world. Of course I speak as a jazz musician, but I'm not sure if Americans can understand the impact New York in general, and Harlem in particular, had on musicians from Europe, the U.K. and Asia - basically everywhere outside of the US. New York was THE CAPITAL of jazz. It was like a gigantic magnet for musicians. We all knew about California, the southern states and the mid-west, but we all knew that New York was the only place to be. For years, I dreamed about going to New York. Of course it was a fabulous dream that I never expected to become reality, but actually getting of the Icelandic Airways plane at JFK on January 6th 1969, I was overcome with a desire to kiss the ground. Since it was so icy and surrounded by mountains of snow, I didn't, but my heart did. I was there to play with legendary drummer Tony Williams and Hammond organist Larry Young, aka Khalid Yasin, and the very day I arrived I met Miles Davis who invited me to record with him the following day on the recording 'In a Silent Way'....This was beyond all imagination! To me, New York was and remains to this day, true America. And now, even though I no longer live in New York, it will always be my 'home' - The center of the world." 

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