Best known by the moniker Iron & Wine, Samuel Beam's stunning acoustic guitar and quiet voice once again made waves with the release of Ghost on Ghost, his fifth studio album. This largely experimental record delves into the supposedly disparate worlds of pop, R&B and jazz, meanwhile proving the singer's impressive versatility. The accompanying tour schedule included several appearances throughout the United States, as well as a handful in Australia. As usual, Iron & Wine showed no problems selling tickets, with fans anxious to experience both new singles and classic tracks. Ghost on Ghost came as a welcome followup to Kiss Each Other Clean, which similarly represented a departure from Beam's typical acoustic style.

Beam's musical endeavors as Iron & Wine began in 2002, when he released his first album, The Creek Drank The Cradle. This entire collection was recorded in Beam's home studio and mainly featured vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar and the banjo. Iron & Wine later followed up with Our Endless Numbered Days, which was recorded in a professional studio. Later albums included 2007's The Shepherd's Dog and the 2011 release Kiss Each Other Clean, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 charts. Following the release of these later albums, Beam took part in multiple concert series, showing off a live voice that was just as gentle as what fans had heard on their favorite Iron & Wine albums. Although a handful of different instruments are incorporated into the Ghost on Ghost promotional tour in hopes of better reflecting Beam's journey into jazz and pop, the same poignant feel of this brilliant musician's tracks is always maintained for the sake of dedicated listeners.

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