French guitarist Stephane Wrembel and guests celebrate the music of Django Reinhardt

Now in its 12th edition, the festival started by Stephane Wrembel has grown into a major event that takes the music of Django Reinhardt as a starting point and celebrates the constant evolution of Gypsy Jazz. The concert's repertoire follows the Django canon and veers into re-interpretation, improvisation and interplay between musicians from various backgrounds.

About Stephane Wrembel:

Wrembel first familiarized himself with Django’s music by playing with manouche musicians back in his native France. He moved to the US twenty years ago and has since become this country’s best known Gypsy jazz musician. He is best known for scoring the theme song to Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" - which he also performed live during the 2012 Academy Awards - and has been called “a revelation” by Rolling Stone Magazine.

This year, Wrembel is going to bring a world-class French team to the US: Raphael FaysSerge Krief,David Gastines, Ezeckiel Krief and Lior Krief.

Raphael Fays is a legendary guitar player, who started the whole modern Django revival. He has always been a pioneer and a reference for the Gypsy jazz musicians. He plays Django's music, as well as classical and flamenco.

Serge Krief was Stephane's master. He is one of the founders of this style of playing, and has performed in films, as well as festivals and clubs around the world. Ezeckiel and Lior Krief are Serge Kiref's sons. Both of them have reached an incredible level of mastery of the instrument, and are considered amongst the greatest virtuosos on the planet. At such young ages, it is truly unbelievable.

David Gastines is considered perhaps the greatest rhythm player in the world nowadays. David Gastines performed at Carnegie Hall for Django a Gogo 2017. He also sings a repertoire of old French songs.

Of course, Django A Gogo presents an impressive list of American musicians. The 2019 edition will feature Thor JensenAri Folman-Cohen and Nick Anderson (members of The Stephane Wrembel Band), David LangloisJulian Smith and Scott Kettner.

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