A birthday party to celebrate Dobbs' 75 years on this planet on the date of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach his 334th. Dobbs (Richard Hartshorne) will play the six solo cello suites of Bach but on the double bass exactly as Bach wrote them; the same keys, the same octave and all the notes.

For the last 15 years he has performed the suites around the world at crisis areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Uganda, South Africa and Bolivia. In this country he plays in jails, prisons, and youth detention centers. Since 2004 he has performed at least one of the suites in over 1100 performances.

Before each Suite a section of the poetry cycle "The Cello Suites" by the great Irish poet MacDara Woods will be played. The poems were written for Dobbs and Woods made the recording himself shortly before his death last July. Thanks to a generous donation from Kostein Music all the ticket sales will go to Bach With Verse programs.

General public on sale starts on Fri, Jan 25 @ 12:00