How do we make sense of the universe around us? How will science help us understand the future of our tiny planet and perhaps our journey to other planets? Through TED Talks, short films and some epic storytelling we will take you on a scientific journey and examine the riddles of the universe that keep leading scientists awake at night.

Featuring talks from:
Juan Enriquez, leading authority in genomic code & author of Evolving Ourselves
Zaria Forman, artist
Latif Nasser, reporter & research director for Radiolab
Danielle Feinberg, head of photography at Pixar
Paula Hammond, head of the Department of Chemical engineering at MIT
Eric Haseltine, technologist, former Disney Imagineer
Jim Green, NASA's Head of Planetary Exploration
Tierney Thys, marine biologist, science educator, & National Geographic Explorer
Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford University's Head of Virtual Reality
Sangeeta Bhata, professor at MIT
Juan Enriquez, author & life sciences expert
Arati Prabhakar, engineer & head of DARPA

TED, the nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, and PBS are thrilled to announce the first ever TED TALKS LIVE in New York, a six-night speaker event featuring TED Talks, short films and performances at The Town Hall. TED TALKS LIVE will feature three programs, each hosted by best-selling author, comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston. Speakers will share ideas in quick, powerful talks—18 minutes or less, TED’s signature format.

TED Talks Live is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting


7:00 pm

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