The Town Hall has been an integral part of New York City’s cultural life since 1921 with music, dance, and educational programs for people of all ages. Through our Educational Outreach Programs we provide high quality Arts in Education programs for New York City public schools that address Common Core State Standards and the NYC Department of Education’s Curriculum Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts. Town Hall customizes each program to fit the needs of a school’s curriculum.

Town Hall Educational Outreach Programs serve over 6,500 students annually in theatre, stagecraft, dance, music, and visual arts. Town Hall teaching artists work closely with classroom teachers to plan and coordinate programs that strengthen curriculum connections. Many programs culminate with student performances that showcase students’ skills for families, school administrators, and peers.

Teaching artists bring interactive art workshops into New York City elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. These activities introduce new skills that foster creative expression, critical thinking, self-awareness, personal discipline, and build self-esteem.

New program offerings for all community groups!
Our new social justice programs aim to raise awareness of the world around us and interrogate notions of equity and equality through the artistic parallels that shaped and defined social movements of the last 100 years.

  • Immigration

    • What does it mean to be an American on paper and in practice? Teaching artists will guide discussion and artistic exploration of complex stories about immigration and current legislation directly impacting the lives of immigrants and their families.

  • Suffrage

    • How has voter participation been shaped, expanded, or suppressed in the last century? Teaching artists will lead an exploration of identity politics and how it has informed and continues to inform political participation.

  • Human Rights

    • What social movements directly advocate for the basic human standards of dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace? Teaching artists will interrogate the artistic response to significant social movements such as Civil Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Gender Equality, Women's Rights, Ageism and more.

  • The Art of Public Speaking

    • What inspirational speakers influenced and led social justice movements in the last 100 years? Teaching artists will prepare students for public speaking through the analysis of social movement leaders.

To book or create a program for your students, please contact:

Lauren Noble
Director of Education
212.997.1003 x23 or email Lauren Noble